Department Of Public Health Dentistry

Public Health Dentistry is concerned with the dental health education of the public, occurrence and magnitude of oral diseases, and prevention and control of oral diseases at mass level. The department is conducting outreach programmes regularly for the underserved population and deprived communities. Oral health camps are organized in the rural, urban area schools, villages and various organizations where diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases is carried out and the students are trained to deliver oral health care, diagnosis and prevention of oral diseases. The department has organized numerous camps in various areas to ensure treatment of almost 2500 – 3000 patients every month free of cost. Also, nearby three villages have been adopted by the department. The institute has its own Mobile Dental Van. The Van is equipped with a dental chair fitted with air - rotor, micromotor, three way syringe, ultrasonic scaler, light cure unit, projection screen for viewing X-ray, a 2KVA generator for electricity and 200 ltr, water tank for water supply. 

The department has a full – fledged dental health education museum, where OPD patients are educated on routine basis. Undergraduate teaching and post graduate training in the department is running regularly by well trained faculty. School children are also provided care through school health programmes conducted as a part and parcel of the academic curriculum.

Post graduate students have attended various national, state level conferences and P. G. conventions. Several scientific deliberations are credited to faculty members and post graduate students. Nearby fifty research papers have been published by the department in both national and international journals.

The department gives special emphasis on the following 

- Promotion of dental and orofacial awareness. 

- Prevention of dental diseases by organizing various dental health camps. 

- Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of dental problems at early stages. 

- Provision of healthful environment for  imparting latest teaching to the students in the department of public health dentistry.