Department Of Periodontology

It is a branch of dentistry which deals with the study of supporting structures (Periodontium) of the tooth and with the diseases affecting the same. Diseases of the gums are almost seen in all age groups. This can manifest commonly as bleeding of the gums, known as gingivitis to more severe conditions affecting the supporting bone of the tooth called Periodontitis. If this disease is left untreated it leads to loss of tooth. Periodontics not only deals with the natural dentition but also has its responsibility towards the maintenance of health of a dental implant.

The Department of Periodontics provides instruction and clinical experience dealing with the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the periodontium in adults.



The undergraduate training programme commences in the 3rd year with lectures and practical exercises and continues to final year 2nd term. During one month clinical posting, students have the opportunity of examining the patients and arrive at a diagnosis with the suitable plan treatment


The Post Graduate training programme is of three years duration starting with the training of the post graduate students in non-surgical periodontal therapy and minor surgical procedures. This is followed by treatment of patients with surgical periodontal therapy with a special emphasis on various regenerative techniques. Regular seminars and journal club reviews are a part of the postgraduate training programme. The students are encouraged to attend national and international conferences and present scientific papers and posters. The post graduate students are also required to submit a library and main dissertation as a partial fulfillment of the M.D.S requirements.

The goal of the Department is to provide the undergraduate and postgraduate student with a strong educational foundation in periodontology for their future careers in Dentistry and to contribute new knowledge through basic and clinical research in Periodontics.